LED Displays – the power of modular signage

LED modular displays were traditionally used for outdoors due to their high brightness and weatherproof cabinets. Smaller pitch (more dots and higher resolution) and reduced costing is making LED modular displays more affordable for indoor use.

Because an LED Modular display is made up of modules, it provides flexibility for sizing so that we can make a display custom to your requirements. Another advantage of module signage is maintenance, if a module fails you simply replace the module.

Our displays are designed to suit your requirements (sizing, pitch size and connectivity). They can be fixed to a wall, installed to your existing frame, installed with a new frame or installed to a custom frame or stand (internal).

We have a wide range of products including:

  • Pub and Club outdoor LED Signs
  • School LED Signs
  • Church LED Signs
  • Indoor LED Signs
  • LED Videowalls
  • Under awning LED Signs
  • Window LED Signs
  • Portable LED Signs


An LED Sign is a game-changer for businesses looking to stand out from the competition.

Enhance your branding and promote your upcoming events, bistro specials and get customers in to your business with bright colourful live advertising that will WOW your audience and take your business to the next level.

Cloud control will give you the power to make changes instantly – anytime and from anywhere


An LED Sign will elevate your schools brand and help you stay connected with students, parents and the community. Other benefits of an LED sign include:

  • Provide live information to parents and the community
  • Include information on events, achievements, PSSA information, upcoming enrolments
  • Promote events at your school
  • Offer the valuable marketing space to your partners and suppliers
  • Schedule time based campaigns – weekdays / weekends and holidays
  • Improve efficiency and allow you to make changes, rain, hail or shine and remove the risk with manual boards

By connecting the sign to our cloud management system you can also make changes anytime and from anywhere.


An LED VIDEO WALL will create a wow factor and help make your venue the place to be for all major sporting events. Benefits of an LED video wall as opposed to traditional videowalls are as follows:

  • Full screen to split mode can easily be selected from a browser
  • Being modular if a module fails it is a small section, you dont lose a whole section as you do with flat screen and it is a quick replacement no need to try and source a replacement display which can be a challenge as model are obsolete
  • Less heat and less power generated


LED Sign will help to promote products and specials to the passing traffic and attract attention to your business. Promote your specials, upcoming events, EOFY  / Christmas / Easter sales and make changes instantly.

See our displays in action

Pub LED Sign

Sports Bar LED Wall

Under awning LED Sign

Pub VIP Room Entry LED Sign

Club VIP Room Indoor Entry LED Sign

Under awning LED Sign