Hotel Digital Signage Solution


The hotel had an old system that had players offline and was very limited in what content could be played, who could access the system and what changes they could make. The back of house screens were updated manually by USB (displays were above lift doors which required a ladder and further OHS risk)


NCC was called in to survey the site and discuss what we could offer. Timing was the next challenge as the current state meant that the Hotel had several meeting rooms with signage not working and had resorted to using printed signs outside meeting rooms which reflected poorly on such a prestigious hotel.

We performed a site survey and demonstrations with the relevant stakeholders (conferencing + marketing + IT teams) and met all requirements. Next we met with executive team and discussed the implementation plan to meet the order of priority. Two weeks from purchase order to prepare and install 28 players including  2 portable kiosk displays was the agreed timeline. We achieved the timeline with the following process:

  • The hotel created a hidden dedicated SSID (via the hotels HSIA provider) along with two static IP addresses for the portable displays and a dedicated LAN cable to a street facing marketing display
  • All players were pre loaded and configured to automatically connect the the WiFi
  • All players had pre loaded content for its particular location
  • All players were physical installed over 2 days (Meeting rooms, lobby areas and back of house displays)
  • We performed all content updates for the first few days until all staff had been trained
  • We provided access to 8 staff for content management across 3 departments (Marketing, Conferencing, HR)
  • Training was performed over 2 days and departments took over their particular content updates
  • Documentation was provided to the hotel and sign off on completion of implementation

Restaurant Portable Menu Board


Due to COVID-19 the restaurant is now take away only and there is limited room for customers to stand and peruse the menu. Customers are also reluctant to touch menus so the restaurant needed a way to offer their menu and also maximise the attention audience passing by.


NCC was called in to provide a solution urgently. We provided a couple of options of portable screens that the customer can relocate to meet the requirements and maximise the attention of the audience.

As this site was remote for the main site we also provided a complete remote content managed solution so that we can change the menus as required. After meeting the requirements we delivered and setup a 55″ portable display pre loaded with content. Immediately customers were gravitating to the screen and commenting what a great initiative it was.

The very next day, the chef noticed that an item on the menu was no longer available. Normally this would be a reprint and would take several hours, even days. In this case the customer simply removed the item and sent us the revised page and we uploaded it. EASY.

Digital Hospital Entrance Signs


Due to a potential second wave of COVID-19 sweeping through NSW the hospitals urgently wanted to upgrade their entrance signage to provide the latest information and be able to update instantly across all 4 hospitals from a central location.


NCC was called in to provide a solution. Within 1 week we had quoted, prepped and delivered all 4 screens to each site and managed the content for the hospitals until we performed training with the comms team the following week.

All 4 screens connect to each hospitals WiFi and the comms team update the content from their own desktop from the central point of Westmead Hospital – EASY.