Enhance your brand and create a lasting impression with Digital Signage. Promote your sales and product offering to get attention and get customers in to your business with bright colourful live advertising that will WOW your audience and take your business to the next level.

We have a wide range of products including:

  • counter top displays
  • wall mounted displays
  • displays hanging from the ceiling
  • displays on floor to ceiling poles
  • displays on stands
  • kiosk style displays
  • high brightness displays for direct sunlight
  • outdoor displays


Digital menu boards are a game changer for Cafes. They help attract customers and provide an easy to read menu that you can use to upsell your menu items and promote specials. They also give you the flexibility to set time based menu’s (eg breakfast menu followed by the lunch menu) and make changes as required (eg as your costs increase) so that you maintain your profit margins and also give you the power to promote products that you need to clear and reduce wastage. Menu boards come in different sizes to suit your business.

    • Small counter size displays
    • Wall mounted displays
    • Ceiling mounted displays
    • Anti glare displays


    We work closely with several hotels providing a solution that covers all areas from lobby displays to fixed displays outside meeting rooms, displays for back of house and also portable units that can be moved as required. Each display is connected to our cloud managed system and users can update content from anywhere and at anytime.

    We also provide Digital Signage to clubs and pubs and work with them to provide menu board displays in areas with highest traffic to showcase their menu offering and to provide display board around the venue to promote information on upcoming events.


    We have installed a combination of Portable Kiosk style displays and Wall mounted Flat screen Digital Signage throughout Hospitals and medical practices to provide visitors and staff vital information. By connecting the displays to our cloud managed solution changes can be made instantly.