A mobile app personalised in your name and branding will help you stay connected with your customers at all times, no matter where they are. Whether it be communicating messages to them or promoting your business you will be at your customers fingertips.

We will personalise the app to suit your business objectives and requirements and you will be able to provide updated product or menu listings, events and even GPS directions to locations. All content is live and easy to update via our portal and if you need help our team can assist with our weekly maintenance.

Schools – Mobile Compendium

  • One touch contact

    Direct contact – phone, email, website and directions to your school

  • Absentee Form

    Include mobile forms for absentee, change of details etc

  • Send messages

    Send notifications about carnivals, excursions to keep parents informed of any last minute changes

  • Calendar

    Include events that parents can add to their phones calendar

  • Information

    Include your newsletters, information and policies

  • Uniform shop

    Include your unform shop listing or even a mobile unform shopping cart

  • Canteen menu

    Include your canteen menu and any specials of the week or day

  • Gallery

    Includes pictures for your school events and carnivals

  • Weblinks

    Include any links to educations websites direct form your app

Hotels – Mobile Compendium

  • Information

    Include all of your compendium information

  • One touch contact

    Direct contact – phone, email, website and directions to your Hotel

  • Send messages

    Send notifications to your guests about happy hour at your bar, openings at your spa centre, restaurant specials etc

  • Dining menu

    Include your complete menu and in room dining menu

  • Conference information

    Include your conferencing information, dates times and rooms for each event

  • Gallery

    Promote areas of your hotel to your guests

  • Forms

    Include mobile forms for loyalty memberships, surveys, customer satisfaction etc

  • Tourist attractions

    Include any links to local partners and tourist attractions

Clubs / Restaurants / Retail

  • One touch contact

    Direct contact – phone, email, website and directions to your business

  • Forms

    Include membership application forms

  • Send messages

    Send notifications about specials, events and happy hour specials to get people to your business

  • Loyalty Coupons

    Just like a coffee card but on your customers phone

  • Product listing

    Include your product listing that customers can browse on their phone

  • Information

    Include information about your business

  • Gallery

    Includes pictures from your venue or products to entice customers

  • Weblinks

    Include links to your social media