What is the difference between a standard home TV and a Commercial display ?

Commercial displays Residential Displays
Generally have 3 years on site warranty and are designed to work 16hrs/7 or 24/7 (16hrs per day or 24 hrs per day 7 days per week) depending on modelsGenerally have 12 or 24 months warranty and are designed for home use and operating a few hours per day. Warranty can be void if being used in commercial environment
Have a higher brightness (starting at 300nits up to 4000nits for window facing) to be seen in open environments Have standard brightness which is suitable for indoor controlled environments
Have software built in to control content not just play off USB. i.e you can schedule content to play at certain time like breakfast menu then changes to lunch menu
Content can also be controlled over wifi (or LAN cable) for your laptop or desktop
Can only be used in landscape mode
Can be used in portrait and landscape
Has controls built in to schedule display to turn on and off at certain times
Some models are anti glare and also can be seen when being viewed with polarised sunglasses

What display should i use for my real estate agency ?

It depends if your office is street facing or inside a shopping centre. If inside a shopping centre then a standard brightness display will suit. If it is street facing then you will need a high brightness display so that it can be seen during the day. The brightness required will depend if your display will be subject to glare, direct sunlight, if there is an awning etc.

I have multiple retail shops, can i install a system and have my marketing team control it from 1 remote location ?

Yes, for this scenario we recommend an enterprise cloud solution that can be centrally controlled. Each display will need to be connected to the internet either directly or via a media player.

If you are buying displays we would recommend buying android based displays that can have software loaded on to them. If you already have displays then a media player will need to be added to each display.

Once setup you will be able to manage all displays from a central location and update your marketing ads, change pricing, change your menu instantly from a web based portal.

Cloud solutions do have monthly fees as the software and solution is hosted in the cloud which has associated costs.