Digital Signage is a powerful real time communication tool that helps you engage your customers and up sell your business and increase your presence. We have digital signage solutions to suit multiple purposes, from stand alone menu boards to LED signs and enterprise solutions with multi site remote management. Depending on your requirement we will have a solution to suit your needs.


For schools, we can provide front of school LED signs to help you communicate to your students, parents, staff and the community. The school can advertise and promote events, reward results and send messages instantly.


Digital signage can serve multiple purposes in Hotels. From lobby welcome boards to conference room signage displaying the conference room name, time and clients logo, directory boards and even back of house areas for your staff for rosters and training to improve efficiency.

Clubs, Cafes and Restaurants

Digital menu boards can display your menu, time based menu’s, promotions and happy hour messages.


Digital signage can help you promote sales or events on at your store, happy hour to get people into your store

Real estate

Digital signage can help you display and manage your portfolio remotely. Customers can select which property they would like more information on and even launch any video’s of that property.