Digital Signage – Powerful real time information

Digital Signage is a game changer for any business looking for a competitive advantage

It allows you to provide live information to your customers, attract new customers, up sell products to your customers, save costs on reprints of static advertising or chalkboards and provides you with the flexibility and power to make changes whenever you want or need to


  • promote sales and events at your venue
  • up sell products to your customers
  • promote specials or chefs special that will attract attention
  • promote menu items that have higher margins


  • save on reduce reprinting costs
  • reprinting posters for a store can cost between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars each time
  • if you have products nearing expiry you can have a promotion to help move these products before they expire


  • if an item is no longer available or profitable you can remove the item from your listing
  • if your supplier increase prices you can instantly change your pricing


  • set time specific menu’s – e.g breakfast menu, lunch menu and dinner menu
  • menu’s change instantly to times that you preset

Whether you are looking for a simple Menu board for your Cafe, or a complex multi site remote managed solution we will have a solution that meets your requirements and budget. Our solutions include LED internal/external and LCD (internal) that are available for purchase or hire.

There are two main parts to Digital signage.

    1. Selecting the type, size and format of the display(s) that will play your content
    2. Selecting how you will update the content (pictures / text / videos) – referred to as “content management”

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Selecting Your Display – LCD or LED ?


LCD is commonly used for inside and for closer viewing due to its higher resolution
We only use commercial grade displays for our Digital Signage solutions. Why is this important?

    • Commercial displays come with the peace of mind of 3 years on site warranty
    • They are designed to be used either 16/7 or 24/7 depending on your business needs
    • The range includes standard brightness panels, mid range brightness panels that are anti glare and others that suit areas that require higher brightness (street facing i.e. some cafe’s and real estate) and can be seen when being viewed with polarised sunglasses
    • These displays also have smarts built in to manage content either by USB, LAN or Wifi


LED is commonly used for outdoors or outdoor facing due to its high brightness 6000 nits and weatherproof cabinets. Smaller pitch options and hence higher resolution and reduced costing is making LED more affordable for indoor use.

All of our LED Signs require 240v power and the content can be updated over wifi from your laptop. We have portable and fixed options available as well as hire options. See our promotion page to see hire options currently available.

Our fixed signs are designed to suit your requirements (sizing, pitch size and connectivity). They can be fixed to a wall, installed to your existing frame, installed with a new frame or installed to a custom stand (internal). All fixed signs come with 36 months warranty (on site for Sydney and surrounding areas)

Commercial LCD Range

Entry Level

350 nit and 450 nit brightness panel
16/7 operation
USB + LAN Content Management System

Mid Range

500 nit brightness
non-glare panel
24/7 operation
USB + LAN + WIFI Content Management System


700 nit brightness
non-glare panel
24/7 operation
USB + LAN + WIFI Content Management System

Window Facing

1500 – 2500 nits hi brightness
non-glare panel
24/7 operation
USB + LAN + WIFI Content Management System

Content Management

We have a few options available and it depends if you prefer local content update or remote cloud based content updates.


The USB is connected to the display and the content (images or videos) are played from the USB or copied to the display and played from the display (this solution is only available with new displays)


Your displays are connected to your network via a Lan cable and we load server software on a PC/Laptop on site to control the content (this solution is only available with new displays)


Your displays are connected to your wifi network and we load server software on a PC/Laptop on site to control the content (this solution is only available with new displays)


Each display, either directly or via a media player, is connected to the internet so you can control your content from a browser anytime and from anywhere. This solution is available with Windows media players or Android tablets / displays or a combination of both.

Signage for your industry

We can provide front of school LED signs to help you communicate to your students, parents, staff and the community. The school can advertise and promote events, reward results and send messages instantly

Digital signage can serve multiple purposes in Hotels. From lobby welcome boards to conference room signage displaying the conference room name, time and clients logo, directory boards and even back of house areas for your staff for rosters and training to improve efficiency

Clubs, Cafes and Restaurants
Digital menu boards can display your menu, time based menu’s, promotions and happy hour messages

Digital signage can help you promote sales or events on at your store, happy hour to get people into your store

Real estate
Digital signage can help you display and manage your portfolio remotely. Customers can select which property they would like more information on and even launch any video’s of that property – Enterprise version only

Portable LED Sign
Hire or purchase LED signs on portable stands that can be used outside your shop or inside windows facing out to passing traffic. We load the content management software on your laptop and connect to the sign via wifi so you can change your ads whenever you like